Engaging with Millennials on Twitter

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As you probably know, Twitter is one of the biggest and most important social media giants on the Internet. With millions of active users in the country and around the world, Twitter offers plenty of opportunities to connect with potential customers and generate leads.

In particular, millennials between ages 18 and 35 are one of the most active age groups on Twitter. Lucky for businesses, they are also one of the most frequently targeted age groups in marketing campaigns. By using Twitter to engage this demographic, you can greatly expand your customer base and increase sales. Recognizing this, Twitter recently released a report giving data on millennials’ behavior on the site.

Frequency of Use

Millennials tweet and read other tweets more than frequently. According to the recent report, 81% of millennial Twitter users log on to site at least once per day and 60% tweet at least daily. 15% of millenials also check Twitter more than 10 times per day.

This suggests a fair number of millennials are using the platform almost constantly, or are at least using it during many short breaks throughout the day. For businesses, this means you should definitely be posting consistently with the most engaging tweets possible.

Mobile Use

About 80% of millennials use Twitter almost exclusively on a mobile device. For businesses, this means a few things. First, you should make tweets as short and sweet as possible. Although Twitter already imposes a 140 character limit, this is too long for most tweets. Numerous studies have found shorter tweets to be more effective as they get to the point faster. This is especially true on mobile devices, where users are reading on smaller screens. In addition, the fact that many Twitter users are on portable technology means they’re using the site when they’re on the go. Businesses can cater to this use by reacting to situations in real time. For example a local shoe store could tweet about a 20% sale on rainboots if there’s a sudden downpour.

Life Updates

Expectedly, many millennials use Twitter to give followers an update about what’s going on in their lives. More than half post regular updates on their day-to-day activities. Some of the most common postings include leisure activities, current events, jokes and photos. To use this to your advantage, you can ask millennials about their activities and opinions. For example, a local bookstore could ask what followers’ favorite places to read are. A construction company could post an infographic of the world’s tallest building and ask followers if they’ve been to any.

Live Tweeting

Many millennials like to use Twitter to give a play-by-play of important events. These include sporting events, concerts, conventions and live TV broadcasts. According to Twitter’s survey, as many as 70% of millennials think it’s fun to live tweet an event as they experience it. This is why it’s important for businesses to stay up-to-date on current events and join in the conversation. For example, many businesses took advantage of the recent World Cup to interact with customers. One company actually made Luis Suarez bottle openers after he famously bit his opponent.


For many millennials, Twitter is a great source of entertainment. Millenials use Twitter while waiting for friends, during the daily train commute or on a work break. According to the site’s survey, 60% of millennials feel they are more entertained in general as a result of Twitter, and over 45% use Twitter to combat boredom. Considering millennials log on to Twitter multiple times a day, this suggests scanning a Twitter feed gives them the quick pick-me-up they need between, say working with piezos or compiling spreadsheet data.

Furthermore, more than 80% of millennials share tweets they find humorous. This all means the funnier your tweets are, the more likely they’ll be retweeted or favorited. Tweeting entertaining content of all kinds is also a must. Posting memes, animated GIFs and links to humorous articles are all good strategies keeping millennials entertained.


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