The Endless Road

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So from time-to-time I browse a specific website for great Apps to try out.  Games, Productivity Apps, the occasional Photo or Art App – I have found that the crew behind App.Itize.Us really does maintain a list (and website) of “a painstakingly curated presentation of the most well designed apps.”

AppitizeUs_Logo_01 “a painstakingly curated presentation of the most well designed apps”

If you haven’t checked out this website, which is filled with both free and paid Apps, I recommend you take a few minutes to check it out.

My latest App discovery, thanks to, is a Free-To-Play App entitled Endless Road.


Endless Road by David Liñán Reyes

Published by Chillingo and developed by Mr. David Liñán Reyes, Endless Road is driving game where you drive one of many cars along a road that is falling behind you while rising (or rather appearing) in front of you.

Before I had a chance to interview Mr. Reyes, I thought that the art style was very similar to the highly successful, triple-A console game entitled Mirror’s Edge – another game I recommend especially since it’s sequel is coming to Next-Gen consoles.

But now that I’ve had to hear about what brought Endless Road to our iPhones and iPads, I wanted to pass that on to you:

W2W: What is your name and what do you do for a living?

DLR: Hi, my name is David Liñán and I’m living in Seville, Spain.


Seville, Spain (Google Maps)

W2W: How did you get into your current profession?

DLR: I’ve always been a fan of gaming, so six years ago I left my job as a consultant in order to learn how to create games.

W2W: What is the Indie Game Dev scene like in Seville, Spain?

DLR: Actually it’s growing fast.  Each year there are more companies and more professionals dedicated to making great games from Spain.

W2W: What is Endless Road?

DLR: It’s a simple (endless runner-type) game where you can drive as long as you can.


Driving in the City along the Endless Road.

W2W: What was the inspiration for the game?

DLR: I wanted to create a mobile, endless game based on the classic Out Run (1986) driving game, but with new perspective views and challenges.

W2W: What software / tools did you use to make the game?

DLR: I’ve used Unity3D Pro. It’s great because there are a many tutorials and plug-ins that help to reduce production times.

W2W: The game is Free-To-Play (FTP).  Why publish the game at this price point?

DLR: I wanted to get my game out there so that more people can play it.  Although it’s not required to progress through the game, I added In-Game purchases so that if people want a power-up or even extra cars sooner they can buy them.

W2W: The unique, clean art style reminds me a little of Mirror’s Edge.  What was the inspiration behind the look-and-feel of the game?

DLR: I was inspired by vector-based games that were not pixelated like 8- and 16-bit games of the 1980’s.


Driving in the ‘Laberynth’ along the Endless Road.

W2W: I enjoy the fact that you can, at any time, choose what music track to listen to while you’re driving along the Endless Road.  Why did you chose these specific tracks on rather than making your own soundtrack?

DLR: Making your own soundtrack is expensive; especially for an indie developer with a limited budget.  So as I was listening to some tracks on, I liked all that they had to offer and I decided to include a few in the game.

W2W: As the game is published by Chillingo, how did you establish a relationship with the mobile game developer?

DLR: Chillingo makes it easy to submit your game for consideration through their website.  They have a form right on their homepage where you can contact with them.  So I sent them a prototype of Endless Road and they decided to work with me to get it published.


Chillingo: “Send Us Your Game”

W2W: What’s next in your game development career?

DLR: Recently I just released a new game, called “Z Hunter”, and the publisher is Genera Mobile.

W2W: As you’ve published a few games for iOS, what advice do you have for new indie developers trying to get into game developing?

DLR: The best thing that any indie developer can do, in my opinion, is to develop games that they would like to play.

Endless Road is now available on the Apple App Store and is Free-To-Play.

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