Communication Breakdown: Community – It’s All Coming Together

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2014 feels like a big year for Frederick, a turning point where we all came together to begin staking our claim in the national music scene. While there is so much to talk about (and maybe I will in the annual sentimental year-end review) – so many great local bands doing big things – I really want to tell you about two new community efforts that are making Frederick’s music scene feel more like a community.

I can’t believe it! Frederick finally has an entire professional website dedicated to local music. It’s called Frederick Playlist and it’s awesome. Frederick Playlist is totally unbiased to genre and really focuses on local musicians to keep local music fans of all types informed about what’s happening.

So, you might be asking what’s the difference between what us wonderful, amazing, super hero folk here at Bucket Of Rock have been doing and what Frederick Playlist is doing now? In short, Frederick Playlist brings more media content, such as album reviews, podcasts, videos, ticket giveaway contests, etc., and etc. to the table of local music fans than we here at Bucket Of Rock could ever hope to deliver in literally a million years of our hobbyist, part-time commitment. It’s a good thing, and Bucket Of Rock gets to contribute as much as we want. So now you know: It’s definitely quality local coverage.

Frederick Playlist is shaking hands and kissing babies faster than a politician on a campaign trail, so stop by the booth, say hi, and pick up a free coozie at one of the Flying Dog Brewery Summer Sessions shows or at the next local showcase party.

Studio 301 (@studio301md), nestled in Shab Row, is another fabulous new project that Bucket Of Rock is lucky to be involved with. Matt Cramer, of the local recording studio formerly known as Brick Wall Recording, thought of a way to completely restructure his business model and provide “Pay Only For What You Need” services to musicians in the recording studio and beyond. Matt’s whole idea was to break down the barriers that most local musicians see whenever they think about recording in a professional studio – namely big chunks of time and money. He explains things more in this podcast.

Matt’s motivation to change things up came from wanting to help strengthen the Frederick music scene. By providing these more modular services, Studio 301 is helping local musicians put their best foot forward in the industry. Right now, Studio 301 is working with the Evolution Rock School located in Hagerstown.

Again, these are just two examples of the many connections being made this year in Frederick to support local music! To quote Miss Katy Perry, “Are you ready for/The perfect storm,” because the Frederick music scene is “coming at you like a dark horse.”


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