How to Build Your Facebook Reach

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What’s better than free marketing? How about free marketing that actually works? Unfortunately, Facebook has been struggling to deliver the latter. Internet marketing is undergoing a shift in which “likes” are losing steam, but that doesn’t mean Facebook is a useless tool.

Facebook brand pages are reaching a falling percentage of fans, and attracting new eyeballs to brand pages is tougher than ever. So, if companies want to continue to accumulate Facebook audiences, especially new ones, they have to follow the tips below.

Understand & Use EdgeRank

It doesn’t take lots of money or heavy equipment to get your company’s posts to be more prominent on Facebook. In fact, all it takes is an understanding of Facebook’s EdgeRank. EdgeRank determines what will pop up on other people’s newsfeeds. Because most users spend their time on Facebook perusing their newsfeeds, having your company’s content appear there is the best way to share your message.

EdgeRank is an algorithm based on affinity, weight and time. In other words, what matters are: the closeness of relationship between users, the presence of graphics and links, and the time at which something is posted. Mastering these factors will make your posts pop up more for more people, thus gaining more attention and a larger audience.

Start With Your Audience

Although you want to attract new engagement on Facebook, you can’t ignore the people who are already fans. These people, in fact, may serve as your tickets to achieving a greater reach. If you post things that your current audience enjoys, you will have a greater chance of appearing on their newsfeeds and being seen by their friends.

So, in order to please your current fans, use Facebook Insights to learn what they like. Knowing your audience — knowing if they prefer videos to pictures, knowing if they log on more during the mornings, knowing if they engage with more than one post daily — all these things and more will keep them happy and coming back for more.

Facebook Ads

While Facebook Ads are not free, they are an effective way to reach your fans as well as your fans’ friends. Investing in these advertisements will keep your company name in the minds of users, directing more people to your content.

Promote Your Page with Events

Drive people to Facebook by advertising special events. If they need to go to your page to read more about an event or to enter a contest, there is a higher chance they will stop by to take a look. People love to reap benefits from their actions, so give people something to be gained.

Practicing these tactics will help to boost your Facebook efforts. Facebook outreach should be complementary to other online presences, but it will hopefully help you gather a larger overall audience•


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