Does Your Business Have Poor Social Media Etiquette?

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In the years before social media took the world by storm, it was perpetually important for business representatives to be careful about how they conducted themselves publicly. Whether that meant not bringing up offensive topics of conversation during a corporate banquet, or remembering to send out holiday cards to everyone on a client roster, those things spoke volumes when it came to standing out from competitors. Although those gestures are still important today, it’s also necessary to focus sharply on how your business behaves on social media channels.

Because social media has such a broad reach and can make an impact in seconds, any mistakes or especially worthy actions are usually spotted right away. It can be tricky because there are certain etiquette guidelines for specific social media sites. After reading the information below, you should feel much more equipped to hold your own in the public sphere of social media.

Respond to Comments on Facebook

It’s especially easy for users of Facebook to quickly scroll down a newsfeed and see whether or not a representative from your business has responded to a customer comment, or just ignored it. Although it probably won’t take very long to respond to comments, your choice to do so helps convey the fact that you care about interacting with customers. If your business gets a lot of Facebook comments, consider logging onto the page once an hour and setting aside a specific block of time to make sure you acknowledge correspondence.

Don’t Over-Promote

If you’re doing all you can to spread the word about the happenings associated with your business but aren’t getting the kind of enthusiastic response you expected, that may be because you’ve put promotion into overdrive and customers are tired of all the stimuli. For the most part, keep promotion of your company restricted to the respective social media business pages.

When you branch out and promote on other social media pages, do it in context. If you follow the Facebook page of a local musician, and he has made a post about canceling an upcoming tour because of substance abuse problems, that’s a great opportunity to gently suggest the non-12 step program offered by a facility that depends on you to manage their social media content.

Give Credit Where It’s Due, Especially on Google+

It has been established that Google+ is an excellent place to foster business-to-business communication. Trust is a form of currency there, so it’s essential to work hard at creating genuine and lasting connections with peers.

One way to do that is to credit a fellow Google+ user who posted a particularly thought provoking or interesting piece of content. Besides giving credit by using “h/t” (hat tip) addition in a post, it’s also worthwhile to give their content your +1. Both of these gestures only take seconds to do, but they show your business cares about fostering relationships. That could enable your company to gain prominence online, and even help you enjoy a greater number of face-to-face interactions with new clients.

What you learned in this piece might have demonstrated how your company’s social media etiquette has need for improvement. It can be surprising how seemingly little things, such as not answering a Facebook comment, or posting about your business too frequently, can rub people the wrong ways, and even make them stop following your social media pages. Keep the tips above in mind, especially if you’re serious about harnessing the abundant power of social media in a positive way that helps your business grow.


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