3 Reasons to Incorporate GIFs Into Your Twitter Feed

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On June 18th, Twitter rolled out a feature that allowed users to share and view animated GIFS on Twitter.com, iPhone, and Android. Since then, numerous businesses have taken advantage of the feature to promote their brand, ranging from automotive companies like Fiat to fast food restaurants like Wendy’s.

Similar to these examples, your business’ exposure can increase due to GIF implementation on its Twitter feed. Similarly, the new feature is a great way to showcase products, and express your business’ personality and office culture. More in-depth, three reasons to incorporate GIFS include:

They Show Off Products and Features

Companies like Samsung have used Twitter GIFs to show off their new products and associated features. In their example, the new Galaxy’s ultra-power saving mode is demonstrated in a sharp and concise way. Instead of spending considerable cash on a commercial that may not even reach a target niche, your business can promote a product for free (or via Promoted Tweets, which is still considerably less than a national ad campaign or commercial) by showcasing its benefits or savviness via a well-executed GIF.

They Increase Brand Awareness

Simply put, GIFs are fun. They don’t take long to load and usually provide quick visual delight evoking humor or fascination. If your business constantly posts engaging and mostly relevant GIFs, the feed’s number of followers will increase, which will contribute to brand awareness increasing in prominence, as well. Similar to a video, a cool GIF can go viral turning its creator and source into a potential hotspot for new eyes. For example, aquatic therapy business HydroWorx could attract leads through an engaging GIF that shows how their aquatic pools help children.

They Show Personality

Some business Twitter feeds read like an impersonal robot that regurgitates PR speak and drab product listings. While still keeping an industry-relevant focus, GIFs can show that your business has a personality to it whether it’s in the form of humorous GIFs that show a comedic side or informative, elaborate GIFs that reassert expertise in the industry.

Tips for Ideal GIFs

The benefits for using GIFs on Twitter are numerous, especially for businesses. Still, in order to achieve success in the three benefits above, it’s important to note a few usage tips:

  • To optimize marketing and reach, use a service like Bit.ly to track the popularity of certain GIFs. This way, you can better identify which types of GIFs your Twitter followers deem more click-worthy than others. If you notice certain types of GIFs are not resulting in user engagement, abandon it for something else.
  • Although GIF use can be very effective, it’s equally important to tweet other interesting content as well, such as industry-relevant news, resource links and interesting quotes.
  • Maintain an industry-specific focus. Your followers are following you for relevance, not for off-topic banter.

Overall, it’s certainly worth experimenting with GIFs on your Twitter page. If they’re relevant and interesting, they will very likely result in more followers, which will subsequently cause increased brand awareness — a great thing for any business.


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