Swon Bros. give first Swoncert in Frederick

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The Swon Brothers; Colton, left, and Zach.

The Swon Brothers; Colton, left, and Zach.

Zach and Colton Swon are the Swon Brothers. Perhaps you’re a member of their Swontourage, have been to a Swoncert or speak their Swonguage.

Then surely you have heard the first single from their upcoming debut album, “Later On.”
Thought so. If you listen to country music, pick any top 40 country station, and you know that song.
The Swon Brothers will be in Frederick Saturday, Aug. 23, as part of the entertainment lineup for the Family FUNomenon, a fundraiser for the Patty Pollatos Fund Inc., along with Danielle Bradbery. Surely you have heard her first single, “The Heart of Dixie,” and the followup “Young in America.” She won Season 4 of “The Voice.” (You can read part of my interview with Danielle here at Three Chords and the Truth.)
FUNomenon is an all-day event that benefits the Patty Pollatos Fund Inc., which assists recipients suffering from cancer and other ailments, families in crisis, and other local charities. Advance tickets are $50 adult, $60 at the gate, and $15 for ages 6 to 12, ages 5 and under free. Ticket prices include the music, the J Bar W Ranch bull riding event, food and beverages, kids’ activities and more. The Swon Brothers concert begins at 4 p.m., followed by Bradbery at 5:30 p.m.
Three Chords and the Truth caught up with Zach and Colton as they were on the road to Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Since being finalists in Season 4 of “The Voice,” the brothers’ career has moved to the fast lane. Though they’ve been making music and singing since they were just wee boys with their parents’ bands (and later a variety show) in their hometown and state of Muskogee, Oklahoma, they admit that they didn’t do as much traveling then as they are doing now.
Colton, the younger bro, takes it in stride: “Now it’s easier to pay rent!”
They’ve moved to Nashville, something Zach said he’s wanted to do since he was 12 (they are now in their mid 20s). “I didn’t have the resources then,” he said. “Now I finally got here and I’m never there!”
Zach and Colton are still roommates in that they share a house.
“Sometimes the house gets really small,” Colton said. “We’re with each other every day. At some point, I can’t look at his face anymore.”
Ahh, ain’t brotherly love sweet!
“Actually, we have a good relationship,” Colton said. “We really do. We joke around a lot. We are blessed to get to do this together. I’m just so happy my business partner is also my best friend and my brother. What makes it work is that the music is trumped by brotherhood. Brotherhood comes first.”
Don’t look for Zach to get all sappy over such kind words; after all, he said, Colton is still his little brother. And if you’ve got one of those, you know what he means.
When they find some down time, both like to play golf.
“We play a lot of golf when we have time, watch a lot of movies and sleep in our own beds and be quiet for a little while,” Zach said. “Actually, we’re pretty boring!
“Colton has always played golf a little bit,” he said. “I always wanted to but I’m not very good at it, Colton is.”
“I’m only pretty good at golf when the pencil has an eraser,” Colton said.
Their debut album is ready, Zach said, and there will be fun songs, like “Later On,” some serious songs and songs that reflect their gospel roots.
So, are you Christians?
“Absolutely yes!” is Colton’s quick response.
“Absolutely,” echoed Zach. “I don’t see how you can make it in this life and not be, especially in this business. It’s our anchor, our roots, why we’re here.”
Colton said they miss their family, but he is glad to have his brother to share this journey. “The thing is, we miss our family every single day, that’s the one thing that’s difficult about being on the road every day.
“We used to live five minutes from Mom and Dad. Now we see them every couple of months,” Colton said. “Having Zach with me makes it feel like home.”
You can read more of my interview with Zach and Colton, the Swon Brothers, as well as the interview with Danielle Bradbery, in the Aug. 21 edition of 72 Hours, inside The Frederick News-Post.



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