The ABCs of Transit: F is for Flextime2 – Implementation

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The ABCs of Transit: F is for flextime2 – Implementation

Consider implementing a flextime program in the workplace as a pilot program. Success can be gauged by employee turnover, feedback, survey results, and other characteristics at the end of the trial period. Reference this example by the Clean Air Campaign. More information can be found on their website at

Alternative Work Arrangement Agreement

Purpose – The Board of Directors for the XYZ Company has adopted a Commute Options Program. One of the key components of this program will be to reduce the number of trips to facilities by its employees through the implementation of alternative work arrangements.

Definitions – Alternative work arrangements are defined as a compressed work week, flextime, or staggered work hours.

A Compressed Work Week is defined as a work week schedule which permits employees to finish their usual number of working hours in fewer days per pay period, either by working the normal weekly hours in four days (4/40), the normal biweekly hours in nine days (9/80) or three 12 hour work days (3/36).

Flextime gives the employees the option of changing their starting and ending time on a periodic, open-season basis, as determined by management.

A Staggered Hour program staggers the employee’s starting and ending times by 15 minutes to 2 hours.

(Variations in the selected program(s) will be determined by department management.)

Conditions – When an alternative work arrangement is implemented, the following conditions will apply:

The pilot program will be from xx/xx/xx to xx/xx/xx.

  • The Department may cancel the program at any time and revert back to the 5 day 40-hour schedule.
  • Eligibility to the pilot program is determined by department management.
  • Overtime, if required, will normally be scheduled on employee’s day off.
  • On a compressed work week program, use of a full vacation day will be charged 10 hours on the 4/40, approximately 9 hours on the 9/80 and 12 hours on the 3/36.
  • Compelling hardship reasons for not participating in the program requires advance approval.
  • Preference in selecting a compressed work week day off or flextime and staggered hour starting and ending time will be given to employees with ridesharing arrangements, day care situations, or health concerns.
  • Holidays represent 8 hours of leave with pay. Any employee working a 9 or 10-hour day will need to use vacation time to make up the difference. If the holiday falls on an employee’s regular 4/40, 9/80 or 3/36 day off, the eight hours will be credited as additional vacation time.
  • Employees may be required to complete surveys at the 3-month and 6-month points in the pilot to evaluate the effects of the program.

I, (please print) ______________________________________ have received, read, and understand the above pilot program plan and agree to participate in (please circle):

(a)  Flextime

(b)  Compressed work week 4/40 (Four-day work week)

(c)  Compressed work week 9/80

(d)  Compressed work week 3/36

(e)  Staggered work hours

_________________________               __________________

Employee Signature                          Date

_________________________               __________________

Supervisor Signature                          Date

_________________________               __________________

Department Manager Signature                     Date

The Clean Air Campaign, Inc., is not engaged in rendering legal advice, and provides these forms free of charge solely to assist businesses exploring alternative work arrangements with their respective employees.  By using these materials, the recipient (1) acknowledges and agrees that the Clean Air Campaign, Inc. makes no representations regarding the sufficiency (legal or otherwise) of these materials in any particular jurisdiction or for any particular business purpose, and (2) voluntarily and knowingly assumes all risks associated with their use.


In addition, establishing clear policies and procedures, like that of can clarify uncertainties amongst employees.

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