Will Snapchat Marketing Work for You?

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Snapchat is sweeping the social media universe with its uniquely balanced private yet public approach to communication. You can capture and convey your feelings in photos, or “snaps,” that disappear in seconds. It’s high impact with little commitment. People love it, and since its birth in 2011, the app has acquired a following of about 30 million users. There’s no denying its popularity, the real question is: what does Snapchat’s humungous fan base mean for marketers? Is it a route to a new, effective marketing strategy? Or is this app best left for individual use?

The potential of Snapchat as a marketing tool depends almost entirely on what you’re marketing. In order to determine if Snapchat marketing is right for you, consider the following.

Age of Your Audience

Of Snapchat’s 30 million users, about 80% of them are between the ages of 18 and 25 years old. Does this sound like your target audience? If so, you can join the likes of Seventeen Magazine and 16 Handles, companies that are already enjoying the success of Snapchat marketing.

Amount of Engagement You Can Offer

Running a Snapchat marketing campaign will require lots of time and energy. Unlike other social media channels, Snapchat clears away data in seconds. You can’t just post something and let it sit out there on the web, gathering views as slowly as it pleases (as you might have on Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere).

On the contrary, if someone wants to revisit content you’ve sent out, they can’t access it again via Snapchat. They will need to seek it out in other places. Your marketing will therefore need to be persistent and continuously interesting, taking on a certain amount of newness every time. It will be a challenging endeavor, and if you don’t have the resources to muster up the necessary engagement, Snapchat won’t work for you.

What You Want from Your Audience

When you think about your marketing intentions, which one sounds more like you, aim for conversion or aim for awareness? If you’re trying to turn clicks into sales and convert, convert, convert, then you may want to pass on Snapchat.

Audience awareness is a much more suitable approach when using Snapchat. Think, for example, of businesses like nonprofits, drug addiction centers or anything requiring a call to action. A nonprofit could send snaps from the front lines of their chosen issue, showing the problem and the need for donations. An addiction center could keep in touch with its patients after they complete rehab, reminding them of their commitment to sobriety with inspirational messages, similar to these ones from one drug treatment center in Jensen Beach, Florida’s Instagram:



The app’s main purpose, after all, is to make others aware of one’s feelings, surroundings, etc. at any point in time (yet make that message unavailable at a point in time soon thereafter). So if your main concern is accumulating awareness of a certain message, you could find Snapchat to be a very useful tool.

What Your Audience Likes

Snapchat will be particularly useful for a certain group of people between 18 and 25, those who like contests and giveaways. Because the app is best used for awareness, this group is a great target for Snapchat marketing. If your customers prefer coupons, Snapchat may not be your best bet.

If your target audience sounds like the group described above, your business could definitely benefit from Snapchat marketing efforts. Check out what other businesses are doing on Snapchat, and begin formulating your marketing strategy today.


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