The ABCs of Transit: G is for Guaranteed Ride Home

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Frederick County is a member of Washington Metropolitan Council of Governments Commuter Connections program, a computerized car and vanpool ridematching service which is free to Frederick area commuters.

Commuters that take advantage of this service are eligible to participate in a program that is also known as free commuter insurance. Guaranteed Ride Home provides a free ride home for registered users in the greater Washington/Baltimore metropolitan region who commute at least two times a week. In the event of an unexpected emergency or unscheduled overtime, Commuter Connections will arrange for a free taxi or even a rental car up to four times a year.

The program is easy to sign up. You can simply visit to link to the online application or call the TransIT Transportation Demand Management specialist at 301-600-RIDE. Commute and work information is recorded into a database of over 30,000 other commuters; the database then recognizes your start and ending addresses and provides a cumulative list and interactive map of the potential commuters. The Guaranteed Ride Home program is included in this database.

Using Guaranteed Ride Home is also easy. Commuter Connections has partnered with several taxi companies to provide the most convenient service for your ride home. Simply call 1-800-745-RIDE to schedule a pickup. This service is free and no commitment is required, you simply have to be an active commuter registered on the Commuter Connections database.

Get started at , or by calling 301-600-RIDE


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