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I’ve been working on a big project here at the museum for the past couple of months, and I can finally share it with you. The National Museum of Civil War Medicine’s artifact collection is now online! I’ve been advocating for this feature for a couple of years now, so I am very pleased to see it finally available to the public. Now anyone who wants to find out about a particular artifact at the NMCWM can simply search for it online. This should be a great help to students, educators, re-enactors, and researchers who want information, and even images, of our artifacts.

Basically, this is a part of the PastPerfect Museum Software artifact data base which I use to keep track of the collection. Essentially it is the artifact information which has been entered by all of the museum’s curators who have worked here. I can update the images and information, and add new artifacts as needed though, so the amount of information contained in this online data base will continue to expand.

Go ahead and take a look at it here:

You can search by category, by keywords, or even by a person’s name if you have something specific in mind. There is also a “Random Images” button you can click to see pictures of a random group of artifacts from the collection.


Even though I know what is in our collection, I find it interesting to see what comes up in this search!


I hope you have fun exploring the artifact collection of the NMCWM, and that you learn a little something in the process!

Photos courtesy of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine.

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