7 Ways to Use Visual Content in Your Marketing Efforts

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Pictures speak a thousand words, but they can speak even more if you combine them with actual words. Visual content that incorporates both beautiful imagery and text is one of the easiest ways to grab your audience’s attention and engage them. Here are seven ways to do just that.

Showcase Your Products

This one is a no-brainer. You want potential customers to see what they’re getting when they buy from you, and showing them your products does just that. How do your products work? Why are they better than the competitors’? Explain those facts, and more, by describing your products. You can superimpose the text over the image – if it’s short enough – or use captions to go more in-depth and provide more context.

Spice Up Your Tagline

Chances are you and your marketing team took some time to create a tagline unique to your company. Make that tagline even more compelling – and eye-catching – by turning it into visual content. Even if your tagline is really descriptive on its own, it can pack even more of a punch when combined with a great image or design.

Inject Some Personality Into Your Imagery

Customers don’t identify with corporate business, but they do identify with the people behind the business. Show your human side with the imagery you choose. This is particularly important for businesses that are in more serious niches that don’t easily lend themselves to pretty pictures. Travel companies, for one, have an easier time with photos than, say, accounting firms. Even so, if you inject some personality into your photos, perhaps through illustrations, jokes, quotes or short quips, chances are you’ll capture a wider audience.

Create a Variety of Infographics

Infographics are one of the most engaging pieces of visual content out there, and as such, they’re hugely popular with brands and customers alike. While they’re useful for providing statistics – whether in the form of graphs or charts – there’s other (and better) ways to get your infographics noticed. Think of any infographic as a way of communicating ideas; that means that infographics can include memes with pithy or funny sayings. As long as it’s brand appropriate, don’t limit your infographic content to one style. Try out a variety and see what works best in your marketing efforts.

Convey Feeling With Text Overlays

Content goes viral when it invokes a feeling (typically a happy one). Capitalize on this notion by overlaying your images with text that reflects what your product is while also inciting an emotion in your potential customer base. At the same time, simplicity is key. Just think of an inspirational quote over a picture of a faraway place; it may just inspire people to travel and visit a particular country or location.

Get Creative With Your Maps

Think outside the box with the kind of images you use. For example, maps can be a great starter image, whether you work in travel or not. Add a little bit of text over the map, and you can talk about your company’s locations or where all your employees are originally from (generally speaking, of course).

Utilize Fan-Generated Content

Last but not least, you don’t need to create every last image and visual content that you’re using in your marketing efforts. Ask your current base of customers to submit their own images as well, along with some information about where the photo was taken or how they were using your product, and then use that visual content across your social media sites. This has the added benefit of getting your clients excited about getting their image chosen, and they’re likely to share your page with other people.

Visual content works, but it’ll work even more if you utilize different kinds of visual content in your marketing efforts. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but you do need to branch out to make sure that you’re capturing the widest audience possible.


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