Keep Your Blog Relevant Following the Seasons

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Blogging at its very foundation is a conversational medium. The blog world started because writers had something to say to people willing to seek them out and listen to them. Some blogs engage a very niche audience, but the members of that audience are capable of participating in the conversation.

So if we think about the nature of a conversation, we can learn some lessons about what makes successful blogs work. Businesses have found tremendous success with the blogging medium not because they changed the format at all, but rather because they embraced it. Conversations can engage readers in numerous ways, but there is the one characteristic that has proven to help successful blogs. If you want to carry on a successful conversation or build a successful blog, let the time of year inspire your content. Keep your blog current and relevant, plugged into the season both of the calendar and of our culture.

Conversations and Social Media

Social media and blogs didn’t invent a whole new form of communication, they merely appropriated aspects of our current forms of communication and expanded the scale. Instead of engaging in small talk with your neighbors at a picnic, Facebook allowed us to make casual conversation with hundreds of people at once.

Seasonal Blogging

Web surfers generally know what they are looking for when they browse internet content, so producing content that matches what they are looking for is a great way to boost reader interaction with your site. The aimless surfers (as opposed to the searchers) are generally looking for topics related to what is already on their mind. And usually people are thinking about whatever is going on in their lives at the moment. Things like the weather, upcoming holidays, current events, etc. You get the picture.

To pull those readers into your site, use the season to generate content ideas. In the summer, blog posts about baseball, vacation and travel are sure to be more popular with readers than posts about Halloween or ice skating.

We are fresh off our Labor Day celebrations, and a good topic to cover around Labor Day is grilling. For a large number of Americans, the grill is used three times a year – our three summer holidays. Written in advance of the 4th of July weekend, a home building blog provided timely content that speaks to a topic on the mind of just about everyone in the country: how to stay safe when grilling up a storm.

Labor Day also marks a transition from summer to fall. In the fall, most people talk about football, changing leaves, pumpkins, Halloween, and the kids going back to school, and sites are joining those conversations by writing content on those topics.

Including Your Product in the Discussion

If you are a business looking to engage potential customers through your blog, make sure you include your product in these seasonal discussions. If you have a product that sells better during a particular time of year, be more active on your blog in those times, and make sure your blog includes some relevant topics based on the season. Staying relevant to the wider cultural discussion is a time-honored method for maximizing exposure to your audience.


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