Offering Stellar Customer Service through Social Media

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The world of customer service has changed. It’s not the same ”Keep People on Hold for Numerous Hours” game that it used to be. Now, with social media becoming an ever-growing component of customer service, customers can reach producers through a number of new channels – at rapid speeds. If you can’t keep up, your company is going to face the consequences. In order to stay in the race, this is how you should be using social media to assist your customers:

Keep a Social Media Presence

Don’t just have a social media platform. Use your social media platform. Engage customers, post often and encourage feedback through your social media pages. When your customers actually feel personality radiating from your social media outlets, they will feel more inclined to interact and provide you with information.

Respond Accordingly

When/if – it’s probably a “when” situation, unfortunately – customers post negative feedback on your social media pages, answer with appropriate response, and do so in a timely manner. Definitely don’t turn to automated replies. As far as the world is concerned, and this includes your customers, robotic answers are a cheap and effortless route. You want to make your customer to feel understood. You want to combat your customer’s specific problem with a specific solution. It may require more effort, but taking that extra step will not go unnoticed.

Work to Solve Problems

Now that customers can report issues faster and leave negative feedback for the world to see, you’ll want to solve their problems more than you ever have before. When someone communicates a complaint, think it over and work out a solution to solve it. One time when I was unhappy with Chobani yogurt, for example, I tweeted at the company voicing my displeasure. I received a response instantaneously:

That doesn’t sound right. DM us the code on that foil lid, and your mailing address. We’ll replace that cup for you.

Although I was initially unhappy with the yogurt, Chobani practiced excellent customer service to appease me. After sending my address in a private message, I received two Free Yogurt coupons in the mail. I was a very happy customer!

Post Testimonials

Let the customer speak to other customers. No, you probably don’t want to boast about any complaints, but definitely utilize the positive commentary. When any customer leaves good feedback, you’ll want to advertise those words. It’s one thing to speak highly of your own company, but customer praises are a completely different, much more advantageous means of advertising.

Answer Questions

Twitter has become a place where anyone can throw out a question about anything, and expect a response. This is part of the reason that you should be monitoring Twitter for your brand name and products – if someone asks the Twitterverse about your product, you want to be there to jump into the conversation. Lace Anchors, a company that sells a product to keep your shoes on your feet without having to tie them, monitors Twitter for related questions constantly, so that they can be there for conversations like this:


Make Your Sites Accessible

There is no point in maintaining social media sites that no one can use. If a customer logs on to report a problem, but ends up confused and aggravated trying to comment, it will only make matters worse. Make sure customers can navigate, find any information they may want, easily comment, etc. This should all be possible from computer or mobile device, as both of these mediums are used nowadays.

You really can use social media to make the most of your customer service. When you put forth the practices above, you leave your customers with very little to complain about – and that’s the ultimate goal.


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