How to Get the Highest Facebook Engagement for Your Effort

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Facebook is the choice of all procrastinators. You can spend hours going through your newsfeed, but also checking out friends and company profiles. But when it comes to marketing your business, you need to make the most of your time. To avoid Facebook becoming the time suck that it so naturally is, check out these tips to get organized, stay on task, and get the best engagement possible to spread the word about your company and your brand.

Which Posts Get the Most Engagement?

The kind of posts you create matters, but that doesn’t mean you should constantly be posting links to your blog. The key to driving engagement is simple: post a variety of content and post often. With that being said, if your goal is engagement – and it should be, no matter what the social media site – the most successful posts are ones that have some sort of call-to-action. That could be anything from quick nuggets of useful information, to industry trivia, to links that go to your well-researched and well-written blog posts.

Another way to drive engagement is to ask a question. After all, that encourages your fans posting their answers! If you are posting links, how you post those links also matters. While Facebook’s algorithm is known to change, it currently appears that using the link upload function is the most successful to get your post in front of your fans, and in turn drive engagement. In other words, don’t embed the link in your photo caption, but make the status update a direct link instead.

Post When Your Fans Are Online

Facebook moves quickly as the newsfeed is constantly updated. As such, Facebook estimates that the lifespan of a single post is only about two to three hours. One way around this very short time frame? Post when you know the most fans are online.

To see this information, visit the “insights” part of your Facebook business page; under “posts” you can see precisely the hours that are the best to post, because the greatest amount of people could potentially see it. What happens when more people see and engage with your post? Chances are you can extend the life of your post even more, simply because more engagement will put your post in your fans’ “most popular” newsfeed.

Increase Your Reach With Paid Ads

Facebook ads are a minimal investment that can pay off big time when it comes to engagement, and not just by increasing your page’s likes. If your boss or superior needs convincing, think of it this way: if you’ve invested time and money in creating some new content, isn’t it worth it to spend a few extra dollars to make sure your content gets in front of 5,000 people, rather than a few hundred from organic reach?

Offer a Call-to-Action

No matter what kind of post you do, create an easy way for your fans to engage with that particular post. This can be done even if you’re just posting a photo. After all, you can simply ask what people think of it. Or if you offering new information, simple key phrases like “learn more” or “discover more,” as QuantiFERON opts for, can really help encourage engagement, as well as clicks.

Tell Your Fans How to Get Notifications

Every one of your posts won’t show up in your fans’ newsfeeds because of the way Facebook works. (After all, if you saw every single post every time you logged in, Facebook would be displaying, on average, 15,000 posts!) You can get your posts in front of more of your fans by telling them how. They just need to hover over your “liked” button and click “get notifications.” That way, Facebook will tell them when you post something new to your page. The more they know of your new content, the higher the chances they’ll have to click like, comment, or share.

Monitor What Works and What Doesn’t

All of these tips are well and good, but they won’t get you far unless you’re monitoring how well your different posts are doing. By monitoring Facebook’s insights, you can see what kind of reach you’re really getting, and how you can tweak your social media strategy going forward. More specifically, keeping an eye on your insights will show you which posts exactly are getting the most likes, comments, or shares. Are your photos doing particularly well? Then, going forward, post more of those.

Things to Avoid

Just as there are things that you should be doing to encourage engagement, there are things you should avoid that are only hurting your reach. For starters, don’t outright ask for likes, comments and shares because while it seems like that will be useful, Facebook frowns on those interactions and penalizes you for them. After all, many Facebook users don’t like to see posts like that. Plus, you want to encourage genuine interest in you and your company, not a fleeting like.

Additionally, don’t just use Facebook to self-promote. While Facebook is a part of your marketing strategy, it’s also about building your brand and creating a community with your customers. In that vein, post content that is useful to your customers, including news related to your industry.

Last but not least, post frequently. If you’re going to encourage engagement, your content needs to be out there and available to your fans. The more you post, the more chances they’ll have to interact and engage with you.


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