Spying on Your Competitors’ Facebook Presence

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Since today’s world is so driven by what happens on Facebook, it’s foolish not to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing across social media. By doing so, you could get tips about how to foster engagement and interest within your own audience, plus learn how to avoid some common blunders.

Fortunately, it’s easy to be a social media spy without your competitors noticing. Many of the tips below can be done in just a few minutes, and they don’t reveal your identity. Keep reading to learn more.

Use AgoraPulse to See How Competitors Stack Up

AgoraPulse is a reasonably priced software package that allows you to simultaneously monitor what several competitors are doing on Facebook. The software also uses colors to enable you to see at a glance how a targeted page is doing compared with other pages of the same size.

AgoraPulse serves two primary purposes. You can first use it to see how well your competitors are doing at engaging with the audience. However, after getting that insight, you can then determine which companies warrant you keeping an eye on and which ones aren’t worth worrying over.

Create Facebook Interest Lists to Group Competitors Together

If you’re like many Facebook users, your feed is filled with so much feedback from the people, groups and companies you follow it’s hard to keep track of noteworthy news, let alone focus on what competitors are doing to resonate with their audiences.

Solve that problem in a flash by creating a Facebook Interest List that’s exclusively made up of competitors. It’ll appear in the Bookmarks section of your Facebook page, and you can solely see updates from anyone added to the list just by clicking on it. This is a tactic Commerce Casino uses to keep an eye on what its competing casinos in nearby parts of California are up to.

This tactic works well if you’ve decided to devote a certain amount of time per day or week following your competitors and want to make the most of those minutes. It’s also something you can do for free, just by taking a bit of time out of your schedule. Competitors won’t be notified you’ve included them in an interest list, and you can even add a Facebook page to an interest list without liking it first.

Use the “Pages to Watch” Feature in Facebook Insights

If you’re an administrator of one or more Facebook pages, you have access to the Facebook Insights section that gives information about how a page is performing across the social network. Back at the beginning of the year, Facebook added a new feature in Insights called Pages To Watch.

As you might have expected from the name, this feature lets you track the number of likes a page gets, the amount of posts published on it in a week and the level of user engagement. Previously, it was only possible to track five competitor pages. Fortunately, that limit has been expanded substantially to 100, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space if you’re somewhat of an overeager social media spy.

The main purpose of Pages To Watch is to let you easily compare your page’s performance with others. Furthermore, because it allows you to view stats for so many pages in one place for free, it’s also a good way to keep tabs on your competitors while staying organized and on a budget.

Although you can pay fees to download software that tracks competitor performance on Facebook, it’s also possible to do a lot by simply working with Facebook’s built-in tools. Keep what you’ve just read in mind, especially if you’re trying to make your social media presence stand out from the crowd.


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