7 Ways to Liven Up Your Social Updates

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Some brands’ social network feeds can be a real snore. You can only tweet about your upcoming sale or Instagram a photo of the latest product you introduced so many times before people start drifting away from your feed.

Luckily, there are a lot of ways to liven up your social media newsfeeds, whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. Here are seven surefire ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Ask a Question

Yep, this is about the most basic of ways to liven things up, but what I love about this strategy is that it gets people talking. Ideally, social media should be a dialogue between your company and your customers, and you can get terrific suggestions and ideas from your followers just by asking a question.

Example: UsWeekly often includes questions about celebrity gossip when it tweets out a new story, asking readers to weigh in on a celebrity feud or unfortunate celebrity baby name. These tweets can turn into real conversations with dozens of people chiming in.

2. Share Content From Others

This is particularly smart on Instagram, where businesses can win the devotion of their customers by flagging others’ content. This could mean asking people to respond to a daily prompt with a photo they think reflects the topic you post. Or it could mean going out yourself and actively finding content that is worth sharing on other feeds. Either way, you are widening your photo resources beyond a couple people in your office.

Example: Ford sponsored a fun campaign in 2012 inviting people to share photos on Instagram relating to different facets of its new Ford Festiva by using a particular hashtag. Thousands of people chimed in, giving the company lots of fodder for its feed.

3. Offer Up News

Social media has become an important place to get your daily news, especially now that Facebook is posting updates on trending topics, a practice Twitter has long been famous for. Keep an eye on those topics and incorporate them into your own Facebook feed. Chances are someone will want to comment on the latest current event.

Example: When David Spade began shooting the highly anticipated sequel “Joe Dirt 2,” and the topic trended on Facebook, many radio stations posted photos and links to stories about the movie on their Facebook pages, even though they are not technically in the news business.

4. Toss in a Slide Deck

On Twitter in particular, where you are limited to 140 characters, it is difficult to convey new or complex ideas. Use the site’s rich media capabilities to assist you. Include a slide deck in your tweet that can help fill out a thought or expound on a new practice.

Example: Social guru Mark Schaefer often includes slide decks in his tweets. People can then follow up with questions about what he is tweeting, and others get pulled into the discussion when they notice those tweets.

5. Post a Video

Facebook and Twitter are both good locations to post video. You will draw interest from people who care enough about your topic to watch what you have posted, but you can also start it with just a short intro, so you don’t bore or alienate anyone who does not want to learn more about the topic.

Example: Spool Tuning, which sells Ford EcoBoost parts, posted a video on Facebook about the new COBB Tuning Accessport V3 upon its release, cluing people in not only to its features but also to when it was coming out.

6. Go Behind the Scenes

People love seeing photos of the behind-the-scenes life at their favorite businesses. Part of it is because we are a culture that loves to relate; nearly everyone works, and so we can all understand the frustration of other office drones when, say, the coffee maker breaks or someone steals your lunch from the shared refrigerator. Make these posts short and punchy, and include a picture to drive home your point.

Example: Talk about meta: Guy Kawasaki, of Canva, actually did a behind the scenes on how he posts on social media that he posted on LinkedIn. It’s fascinating to see the whole process broken down for those of us who don’t do this for a living.

7. Share an Inspiring Quote

When you see the right quote at the right time, it can fill you with determination, inspiration and perhaps a bit of perspiration, as you think about fulfilling your goals. Quotes never get old. You can pin them on Pinterest or toss them on your Google+ profile or anchor them to the top of your Twitter feed.

Example: There are so many brands using this strategy that it’s difficult to pin down just one. Instead, here’s a site you can go to in order to find your own quotes, searchable by subject or quote author.

Armed with these new ideas, your social media sites can go from boring to scoring major points among your followers.


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