Navigating Pinterest’s New Smart Feed

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It’s always a bit disconcerting when social media sites make major changes. These adjustments can either be a big help to businesses on the site or set them back to square one.

Pinterest recently unveiled its smart feed, which is meant to show visitors pins based on what it is they are interested in. The old way of doing things meant that Pinterest members were shown pins posted by the people they follow, in reverse chronological order. If your friend pinned something and you logged in, you would see it. Now, users won’t necessarily see every pin their friends make – similar to the way the Facebook newsfeed works.

This change means that rather than who you follow on Pinterest determining what you find and repin, your own individual tastes will serve as the determining factor. Rather than hinder growth, this change could actually have great implications for businesses on the site. However, it’s important to remember that a new system only works as well as the effort put into using it.

That’s why there are certain steps to be taken in helping a business maximize its reach on Pinterest

1. Use the Highest-Quality Images Available

Pinterest has long had a reputation for featuring some of the most highly sharable and attractive images on social media. Therefore, if you want images associated with your business to spread across the site, it’s wise to use those images that both strongly represent your brand and are visually appealing.

2. Keep a Close Watch on Your Target Audience

It’s recommended that you check your analytics at least once a month in order to see what’s most popular with your visitors. In other words, create pins based on what’s hot and stop pinning things that generate little or no interest.

It’s also best to avoid pinning or re-pinning anything that leads to dead/broken links. Always check the destination of the pin before you pin it, and change the URL if necessary.

3. Use Searchable Keywords and Avoid Hashtags

Remember that you are on Pinterest and not Twitter. According to Anna Majkowska, the software manager at Pinterest, hashtags serve absolutely no purpose on the site. As such, keywords often rank much higher in search results than hashtags.

Hashtags may be the standard for Twitter, but you’re better off sticking to searchable keywords.  The exception is when your company’s Pinterest account pins something of interest from your Twitter account.

4. Board Titles: Product Type Rather Than Name

If your company is named “Sparkle Life” and your product is bottled water, then it’s best to use bottled water in your board titles, rather than your name.

Even though you would like your company’s name to reach as many Pinterest users as possible, people searching for bottled water are more likely to type out “best bottled water” than your company’s name. This is especially true if they aren’t familiar with your business.

It’s recommended you create various boards about your products (“alkaline bottled water,” “bottled water for exercise,” “refreshing bottled water”), in order to ensure your boards are more likely to come up during search results.

5. Content Marketing: Be of Service

When it comes to pinning or repinning, there’s no law that says everything you choose to feature has to be directly related to your company or product.

Again, if your company sells bottled water, it may be a good idea to feature pins/re-pins about how much water a person should drink each day. Recommend exercises for persons interested in exercise and fitness (activities that often require drinking water).

If your audience is on the lookout for helpful tips and practical advice, you should make it a point to be as useful as possible.

6. Make It Easy for Visitors to Pin from Your Website

Practically any and every image on your company’s blog or website should have the option to be pinned. Make sure a Pinterest button is available at the end of each blog post as well. You can add these through a WordPress plugin like Jetpack.

This can help your website rise in the search rankings.

It also makes it easier for site visitors to spread news about your business and product in a “word of mouth” manner.

These six steps are simple and effective ways to make the most of the new smartfeed. It’s important to realize that simply creating a social media account isn’t enough; you must be proactive in the maintenance of your Pinterest account.

Paying close attention to trends and making relevant changes can help you greatly increase your visibility on Pinterest and the number of followers who regularly view your pins.


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