Top Three Commuter of the Year Finalists Announced

by Frederick TransIT Community Relations Manager. 0 Comments

TransIT Services of Frederick County announced today the top three finalists for its first annual Frederick County Commuter of the Year Award, designed to recognize and honor individuals that continuously use alternative forms of transportation and whose outstanding commitment benefits Frederick County and beyond. 18 nominations were fielded by the TransIT review committee; finalists were chosen based on the leadership, innovation and commitment shown by the individual. The finalists are, in no particular order, Shayne Boucher, Alyssa Boxhill and Tim O’Keeffe. All finalists are employed and residents of Frederick County. TransIT will announce the winner on Friday, January 30th.

Mr. Shayne Boucher’s bicycling to work has resulted in lost weight while saving an average of $4,000 a year. Mr. Boucher serves as a business liaison for the annual Bike To Work Day event, championed an effort to have his business recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Business Bronze Site and works with a local ministry group encouraging healthy lifestyle changes. Ms. Boxhill serves as the alternative transportation leader on her employer’s Green Team, is a member of the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and has a goal to bike every day of the year! Tim O’Keefe is an advocate for safe commuting. Mr. O’Keefe uses a helmet, reflective colors and frequently recommends safe strategies to other cyclists and pedestrians. Mr. O’Keefe makes an effort to use alternative transportation every day of the year!

The winner, announced January 30th, will be nominated for the Clean Air Partners 2015 Annual Champion Award which recognizes one individual with significant contribution with lasting impact on the region’s air quality through community outreach, implementing hands-on environmental awareness activities, and demonstrating true leadership initiative. The winner will also receive a featured on-bus advertisement recognizing their efforts and sponsored prizes totaling over $250 from Dunkin Donuts, The Bicycle Escape and WFRE.


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