Melodic Intoxication

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Have you ever thought of how music drives our thoughts, and arouse our emotions? How can one song make us happy, and the next song make us sad? Why does a particular sound resonate in the human ear better than others? There is a deeper power in music that society may not initially recognize.

“Music” is defined as an auditory communication of art through organized sound which affects both the physical and mental aspect of the body. It can leave an unspoken message resonating in the hearer’s ear. It is a communication of thought and emotion. It can intensify an emotion of a particular event and arouse and electrify the listener causing impulses that make fingers tap and feet dance.

If a form of art can stir your emotions and make you want to do something or believe in something you might not have believed in or done on your own, it is imperative to become educated and aware of the art. Because music powerfully affects the brain and the soul, people need to recognize the esoteric power of music.

In order to understand the foundation of how music affects us, it is necessary to examine the purpose of music. Though music was created as an art form, it has become an obsession. This obsession testifies to the unspoken power in holds over everyone. It has become a part of everyday life in Western Civilization. We are a society that enjoys music. It is communicative and creative. However, music should not merely be enjoyed, it should be processed. Music can powerfully capture our thoughts or turn us into unsuspecting voyagers. It can be used to manipulate our emotions, and we tend to accept and enjoy it. It can help us escape into a mesmerizing dream world of our own imagination which in turn allows us to experience the artist’s emotion.


You can enter a new world and explore many different genres of music. Music can bring back old memories and create new ones. Yet although music can be an escape, it cannot be escaped. It is everywhere. Music is in shops, restaurants, churches, offices, the internet, our cars, and homes.


For your listening pleasure I have included some of my favorite clips of Chopin, Rimsky-Korsakov and Addinsell. During these days when we are all anxiously awaiting the return of Spring take a little break from the harshness of a very cold and snowy winter and let yourself be transported and inspired by the sounds.

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