5 Things to Increase Your Productivity

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5. Eat Brain Food

Successful people eat healthy and exercise? This may not come as a surprise but what “superfoods” help you truly become more productive? The high Omega-3s found in salmon help improve memory and mental performance. Other foods like nuts provide protein, Vitamin E, amino acids and more for better brain performance. And the caffeine found in dark chocolate and green tea provides a tasty natural energy enhancer. Plus, every function in your body requires water to be productive so, although it isn’t a food, it might be the best suggestion of all. More healthy superfoods can be found here.

4. Get Motivated

As Paul J. Meyer says, “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.” Starting your day by reading motivational quotes or inspiration stories can trigger productivity, helping you focus on the tasks that lie ahead. Here are 100 motivational quotes to inspire your everyday work.

3. Make To-Do Lists

Some research suggests tackling the most difficult task of the day first and focusing on easier tasks later. Some research reverses that idea. Whatever works for you, create a to-do list and rank it in order of importance. That may mean by deadline or by difficulty, but numbering or ordering your to-do lists means you’ll be more productive throughout the day. Set a timer for these tasks and be sure to cross them off when you’re finished for a sense of accomplishment & visualization of success.

2. Stand Up

The Pennington BioMedical Research Center found that 17,000 people, studied over 13 years, had a 54% risk of having a heart attack from sitting most of the day. The LPL (lipoprotein lipase) enzyme that breaks down fat in the bloodstream and coverts it to energy slows down when you’re not moving. Get up, take a break and become more productive. The creative process speeds up 60% when walking! You could even try a walking meeting (doubly productive!).

1. Drive Less

We spend an average of 40 hours a year stuck in traffic. Is there anything less productive? The Metro DC Region (and most places in the Country) provides free resources to reduce or eliminate your commute. Commuter Connections, from the Metro Washington Council of Governments, is a free ridematching database with 18,000 other commuters looking to share a ride. You can even download the app. Financial subsidies like TransIT’s Vanpool Incentive Program help reduce the cost for commuters and Guaranteed Ride Home (also free) provides four free rides home a year for emergencies or unscheduled overtime if you commute using an alternative twice a week. Not to mention the economic, public safety, environmental or countless other benefits. Check with your employer to see if they offer any commuter benefits. Visit http://frederickcountymd.gov/208/Commuter-Services to learn about all of your options.

Spend less time driving and you instantly gain more time to eat salmon & drink water, read Steve Jobs quotes, walk around and become a happier, healthier person.


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