Why TransIT’s Employer Connection Program is the Secret Ingredient to Economic Development in Frederick

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It is no secret that Frederick County, MD is booming. With an expected future job growth rate of 36%, an unemployment rate of 4.3%, and a focus on biosciences & technology, the County now needs to emphasize the great transportation benefits readily available to employers.

TransIT’s free Employer Connection Program help connects Frederick County businesses to a better commuter with free consultation, advice, strategies and tools. As the cost to replace employees increases, the need for transportation demand management solutions are becoming more and more important for recruitment, retention and employee satisfaction.

Some of the services available from the Employer Assistance Program include:

  • Surveying
  • Employer/Employee Commuter Benefits
  • MD Commuter Tax Credit
  • On-site events
  • Electronic assistance
  • Program development
  • More benefits

Implementing these strategies can produce a 5-30% reduction in trips at the given work site. Other benefits like increased productivity and morale, less stress and absenteeism and easier recruitment are prevalent in companies that offer transportation amenities. Benefits seem obvious for both the Employee and Employer, but what about the City where the business is located? What is the economic impact of public transportation?

A new study by Daniel Chatman & Robert Noland from the University of California at Berkeley estimate the economic impact of transportation to be $1.5 million to $1.8 billion, depending on the size of the City. Public transportation moves more people in less space, naturally resulting in economic advances for cities that invest in transportation.

A staggering statistic from the report identifies specific economic benefits: adding four seats to rail and buses per 1,000 residents can result in 320 more employees per square mile –a 19% increase. A 10% expansion in transit service resulted in a wage increase between $53-194 per worker per year in the city center. And a quote from a recent article summarizing the topic said it best, “If showing that system expansion leads to more riders and less congestion is good, and showing that it reduces pollution and improves public safety is great, then showing in big numbers how much economic growth will occur should be gold.”

The statistical benefits of a good transportation network combined with Frederick’s growing economy mean that integrating transportation benefits into the workplace shouldn’t be an afterthought; it should be known as the secret ingredient.

Become an Employer of Choice with these strategies; improve your organization’s success, vitalize the economy and increase the quality of life for all residents and employees of the local region. Tell your employer to contact TransITRideshare@FrederickCountyMD.gov or call 301-600-RIDE to set up a meeting today.


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