Trace Adkins, Jamie Lynn Spears and a FUNomenon-al event

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Scenes from theTrace Adkins and Jamie Lynn Spears shows at the Family FUNomenon today at the Frederick Fairgrounds. A grand turnout for the events, with proceeds to benefit the Patty Polatos Fund Inc.

Trace Adkins’ backup singer, Marion Grace, is from Walkersville and has an awesome voice!!

Jamie Lynn’s set included the first single from her EP, “How Could I Want More,” and a song she wrote that is Jana Kramer’s current single, “I Got the Boy.”

Word was that Trace Adkins was recovering from a recent knee surgery. By the end of the set, yeah, he did move like he was hurting. His set included a song that will be on his new album, which is in the works now.

Photos by Susan Guynn

Photos by Susan Guynn


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