The ABCs of Transit: L is for Larry

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The ABCs of Transit: L is for LarryPicture1

Larry O’Brien, TransIT driver, has been working with the County for nearly two years and recently moved to historic Downtown Frederick. Larry uses alternative commute modes to get to his job at TransIT where he helps others do the same. We talked to Larry about the importance of alternate options in Frederick and how his life has changed since moving downtown.

What do you like most about working for transit?

Larry:     I enjoy being able to bike and walk to work, getting to be outdoors and not in the same environment every day and meeting lots of different people.

 What is your favorite route to drive and why?

Larry:     I llike transporting people on TransIT-plus. There is not a specific route so I get to travel to a different place and see different people every day. We transport all over the County so there would be no way I could ever get tired of it. And clients seem excited about TAP (the Taxi Access Program for TransIT-plus users starts this Fall).

 How important is it for you to live close to your work?

Larry:     Living in Frederick matches up with my values and ideals. I feel more positive coming to work each day and now it feels like I’m a part of a community.

Why did you choose to live in downtown Frederick?

Larry:     I’ve always enjoyed downtown Frederick and would visit frequently before I moved downtown. This is my first City and I enjoy the walkability, the farmer’s markets and that there are always people out and about. Plus, there is always something to do here: events, concerts and more.Have you seen any benefits from walking and biking to work?

Larry:     I enjoy the exercise I get every morning from biking to work and my mood has improved greatly. I feel less stressed too because I get to walk or bike through areas of the City like Baker Park. Walking and biking is the best way to start and end my day.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Larry:     I’m a big fan of the outdoors: backpack and hiking. I recently did six (6) days on the Appalachian Trail, traveling an average of 15 miles per day and camping along the way!

According to the Sierra Club, “If Americans would make one four-mile round trip on bicycle per week instead of a car, they would save nearly 2 billion gallons of gas a year.”  People who commute by bike also are healthier, avoid being stuck in traffic for an average of 40 hours a year and save over $9,000 per year by not using a car.” Plus, great amenities are available to commuters in many workplaces like bike racks, showers and the bicycle commuter benefit. And, attaching a bike to TransIT buses takes less than 20 seconds to make long trips a breeze.

Thanks to Larry and other Frederick County residents who do their part to reduce congestion and improve air quality for us all! Learn more about your commute options at


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