Census Data Good News for Frederick County

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The new 2014 statistics from the Census’ American Community Survey, released this month, shows continuous signs of improvement for commuting in Frederick County.

  • Frederick County drive alone rates have continuously decreased since 2005 (with the exception of 2007) from 79.1% to 76.3%. This is lower than the national average drive alone rate of 76.5%. Considering the County’s 663 square miles of mostly rural landscape, these are significant findings.

  • Carpool/Vanpool rates have also stayed above the national average (9.2%) since 2005, now at 10.7%. TransIT’s Vanpool Incentive Program (VIP), which provides financial assistance to new vanpools traveling to or from the County, encourages ridesharing throughout the metro DC region. Incentives for carpooling are also available to those who register with www.commuterconnections.org a ridematching website with nearly 20,000 registrants.

  • The public transit usage rate has increased from 2.2% in 2005 to 3.4% in 2014 (a 55% improvement). Mobile ticketing, bi-directional routes, student discounts and Automatic Vehicle Location systems (launching Winter 2015) provide added to convenience to TransIT passengers.

  • The walk and bike rates have stayed fairly consistent since 2005 (2.1% and 0.4% respectively). Frederick County bike rates are the highest since 2012’s data.

  • Telework, perhaps the most significant statistic, is 40% higher than the national average of 4.5%. Due to the concentration of large military installations, engineering and biotechnology employment sites, the telework rate has jumped to 6.3%. Many Federal employers have formal telework policies that comply with the higher percentage.

TransIT’s Employer Connection program provides employers in Frederick County with the tools necessary to implement programs that allow the County to keep such great commuting statistics. Services are free and are utilized by over 60 employers in the County. To set up an appointment with a TransIT representative, email TransITRideshare@FrederickCountyMD.gov or call 301-600-RIDE.


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