The Power of Strong Photography

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As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. That holds true for social media marketing today. Articles that contain an image gain, on average, over 70 percent more views than articles without images. That means your posts with photos go much further than those without. It sounds too easy to just throw a picture in with your content. So, what’s the catch?

Stock photos all look the same. Sure, they’re effortlessly beautiful, but they lack the personalization that comes from original photography. To grab an audience by the shoulders, your photos need to scream you and nobody else. However, that doesn’t mean selfie city. Professional and personalized photography gives your online presence undeniable credibility.


Ditch the Camera Phone

If you’re not a pro behind the camera lens, find one. Every business, no matter the size, acknowledges that professional photographers know what they’re doing. Framing, lighting, composition, styling and editing are not everybody’s forte. Gorgeous stills are worth the extra effort to create.

When your body of work is littered with low-quality visuals, audiences scurry away before they read a word of content. With the basics of creating quality images at your fingertips, there’s no excuse for not including great images in your online content. Beyond establishing yourself as a qualified voice in your subject area, well-executed photography is aesthetically pleasing.


Make It Personal

In the world of entertainment, it’s a rule that the more personal a story, the more universal the message. No matter your industry, ensure your message is open to your readers by creating original, personalized images. Stock photos are great, but rarely convey the niche ideas of your business.

When creating your own portfolio of visuals, you’re free to include items, colors and other elements that speak directly to your corner of the world. It’s a powerful way to stand out from the slough of other businesses with unique and attractive photos.


Show, Don’t Tell

In today’s cascading wall of social content, showing is more powerful than telling. And showing precise, personal and polished visuals means the difference between loyal readership and piles of untouched content floating through the ether. Strong photography has the power to overwhelm you with engagement. It’s where audiences’ eyes will look first. When done well, it’s what audiences will rely on to guide them through your varied content.

Professional photography may be the solution to growing your online presence. People have always been more inclined to visuals than text. Today’s interconnected world only emphasizes that tendency toward image-based content. Many online business, portfolios and personas are virtually identical. The only difference to audiences is how they look.

Think of each post you create as the first impression for your readers. Metaphorically, you want to give a strong handshake, have solid eye contact and connect intellectually. Strong photography allows you to make an outstanding first impression. Use high-quality cameras (or hire a professional for a short session), be sure to include content that is specific to your message and let your message shine through the images.


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