Employer Connection Spring Commute Challenge Now ACTIVE!

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By: Kendall K Tiffany


What is Employer Connection?

Employer Connection is a service program within TransIT Services of Frederick County that is managed by the TransIT Community Relations Manager and an employer outreach contractor, EcoLogix Group, Inc. The Employer Connection service is free to all Frederick County Employers and is designed to assist with the implementation of transportation and commute benefits for their employees.  By improving commutes, commuters endure less stress, save money, and overall enjoy a better work environment.

TransIT and EcoLogix Group can provide employers with all of the resources and assistance needed to implement and improve your organization’s transportation benefits! To find out more information on Employer Connection, click the logo below. To receive an Employer Connection starter kit or schedule an introduction meeting with the Employer Connection team, please email transitrideshare@frederickcountymd.gov.




Spring Commute Challenge!

To incentivize employers and employees within Frederick County, our Employer Connection team has launched a Spring Employer Commute Challenge! The challenge runs from March 1st through May 31st and encourages employees and their respective employers to pledge AND explore alternative commutes to their workplace.

Alternative commutes include carpooling, vanpooling, riding TransIT, biking or even walking! What better time to try an alternative with the start of spring weather! Employees who take the commute pledge are entered to win monthly gift cards! There are even prizes available for employers who schedule a meeting with the Employer Connection team.

Hope you’re up for the challenge! To take the pledge or find out more information about the Spring Commute Challenge, visit: http://fred-tran-commute-challen-ce45ebcd1c7d4.webflow.io/frederick-transit-2016-commute-challenge-coordinators or email us at transitrideshare@frederickcountymd.gov.


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