Miller Awarded 2nd Annual Frederick County Commuter of the Year Award

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By: Kendall K Tiffany

TransIT Services of Frederick County announced the winner of its second annual Frederick County Commuter of the Year Award, designed to recognize and honor individuals that continuously use alternative forms of transportation and whose outstanding commitment benefits Frederick County. The winner, Ms. Penelope Miller, a loyal TransIT rider for more than eight years and employee of Maryland School for the Deaf (MSD), received the award during the elementary school’s weekly assembly.

Miller uses TransIT as a means to get to and from her job at the school.  Her TransIT experience has allowed her to assist work colleagues who may not be familiar with the service use and understand the TransIT system. Miller states, “As a native of metropolitan areas in Maryland I am proud to be part of Frederick’s TransIT daily ridership and look forward to continue using the bus services for years to come.  In fact when I am ready to purchase my first (used) car, I plan on using the bus services more than half of the time!  I truly appreciate all that Frederick TransIT has to offer.”

photo for blog

Photography by Larry Newman, Maryland School for the Deaf

Ms. Penelope Miller is the first TransIT commuter to receive this award and will be nominated for the Clean Air Partners Annual Champion Award, at the conclusion of 2016. The award recognizes one individual with a significant contribution and lasting impact on the region’s air quality through community outreach, implementing hands-on environmental awareness activities, and demonstrating true leadership initiative.  Miller was chosen as the winner amongst the nominees for her outstanding commitment to teaching and helping others in the Frederick community understand and use TransIT’s services more effectively.  She will also receive a featured on-bus advertisement recognizing her efforts and sponsored prizes from the Frederick Keys, WFRE and WFMD.


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