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Texas-born Olivia Lane has had a packed touring schedule, and it continues through the end of the year with an East Coast tour and a West Coast tour. She returns to Frederick (she was at Baker Park  July 4, 2015) for In The Street on Saturday, Sept. 10, at the Second Street stage.

Olivia moved to Nashville three years ago from LA and life has been “crazy, exponentially crazy,” she said. Touring, opening for country artists including Wynonna Judd, Kip Moore and Randy Houser, working with songwriters and writing songs for her self-titled EP, and the whirl of activity around its release at the end of July.

Olivia Lane will be at the Second Street Stage for In The Street on Saturday, Sept. 10.

Olivia Lane will be at the Second Street Stage for In The Street on Saturday, Sept. 10.

Lots of positive things happening, but positivity is her MO, the way she lives her life. She credits her upbringing and her parents for that, and she feels sharing her positivity with others is important.

Her EP has seven tracks, six of them she co-wrote. What this 25-year-old brings to country music, besides the vocal chops of Sara Evans and the energy of Jennifer Nettles (a comparison she doesn’t mind hearing) is fresh lyrics on standard country topics —heartache, love and empowerment to follow your dreams — with fresh lyrics for today, like breaking up by text and coping with a quarter-life crisis (oh, to be 25!)

You can read more of my interview with Olivia in the Sept. 8 edition of 72 Hours. 

But here’s a few things about Olivia you will only find here.

— She’s a Southern girl at heart and knew Nashville is where she would end up.

— She likes watermelon.

— Her mother was a regional country singer in Texas when she was 25. She introduced her to the music of Patsy Cline, Linda Rondstadt and Elvis.

— And it was her mother, recognizing her energy and powerful (ok, loud) voice who enrolled her in community theater and choir. “It completely opened up my world,” Olivia said.

— She discovered songwriting while a student at USC and “completely fell in love with it. I said, you know what? I could probably do this for a living.”

— Olivia was recently appointed a brand ambassador for Reese Witherspoon’s clothing line, Draper James.

— She made the national TV debut of her single, “Make My Own Sunshine” on Hallmark Channel’s “Home & Family.”

— She recently went to a Steven Tyler concert, who recently released his own country album, and he was wearing a T-shirt that said “I Make My Own Sunshine,” a song from that album. “How funny is that!” she said.

— The camera is her friend. It’s one of those things new artists have to get used to, but Olivia said she loves being in front of the camera.

— In Nashville, she hosts a music series called Diva Jam at listening rooms around town.

— While at USC, she interned for three summers in Nashville.

— Her advice for anyone wanting to pursue a music career: “I believe in being present to win. If you want to be (in Nashville) then you have to be here. And find out who you are and figure out what you want to write. You have to hustle. It’s all about the hustle! I went through that journey, too. Take the time to find out who you are and want to do.”


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