Maintaining Mobility: TransIT Services for Seniors in Frederick County

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By: Kendall K Tiffany, Community Relations Manager, TransIT Services of Frederick County


As Frederick County residents’ age, movement and mobility around the County may change. To ensure the senior population is mobile, TransIT Services of Frederick County has multiple programs available.


The first program available to seniors in Frederick County is TransIT-plus.  TransIT-plus is the County’s curb-to-curb, demand-response service, designated to meet the specialized travel needs of residents with mobility disabilities and senior citizens (ages 60+). Trips with TransIT-plus are scheduled on an individual basis to accommodate the unique travel needs of each passenger and can be taken Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  To schedule a trip, riders must do so at least 2 days prior to the trip but reservations can be placed up to 10 days in advance.

To become eligible for TransIT-plus, residents must submit an application. Applications are available online, at the TransIT Office, or by request.

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The Taxi Access Program (TAP)

To assist with TransIT-plus trips and to supplement trips outside of TransIT-plus’s operational hours, TransIT has implemented a Taxi Access Program (TAP).  TAP is a relatively new program that started December 1.  The program allows seniors and residents with disabilities to schedule trips in Frederick County using one of the three local taxi companies – Yellow Cab, Bowie Transportation, or Frederick Taxi. Bowie Transportation has a wheelchair accessible vehicle for those in need.


Taxi cab fare available for use is determined by your County zip code and is divided into two zones. Any remaining taxi funds at the end of the month will be rolled; up to three months.

Zone Zip Code TAP User Contribution

Total TAP Funds per Month

Zone 1

21701, 21702, 21703 $10


Zone 2

All Other Zip Codes in Frederick County $20


The TAP program is only available for TransIT-plus users who have been in the program for at least six months and who have scheduled and made a few trips. TransIT-plus users who become eligible for TAP will receive a letter in the mail with instructions on how to receive a card, load fare, and to get started.

Connector and Shuttle Service

If a TransIT-plus trip is unavailable and TAP is not an option, TransIT Connector and Shuttle service is a great alternative. TransIT Services of Frederick County has 9 Connector routes and 4 Shuttle routes that serve Frederick City and other parts of the County from Brunswick to Thurmont to Eastern Frederick County. All buses providing service for Connector and Shuttle routes are ADA equipped and have multiple stops to suit the needs of all riders. Buses kneel to make boarding easier for those with mobility issues.


More Information

For more information on TransIT Connector and Shuttle Routes, TransIT-plus, or the Taxi Access Program, please visit TransIT’s website at or contact TransIT Services of Frederick County at or by phone 301-600-2065.


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