Fresh In Frederick

Freshening Up

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So. This is one of my New Year's resolutions--aims--goals--what-have-you: spend some time getting reacquainted with my city. A few years back, I tried being a from-town tourist, but too much life got in the way, between my day job, freelancing, and family responsibilities that often took me OUT of town! Now I'm a bit more settled, and thought that instead of just hitting the touristy spots this year (although I will do some of that), that I'll just be more open-eyed to what's around me as I go ... read more


Long Time, No See!

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Not only has it been WAAAAYYYY too long since I last posted, it's also been literally a long time since I got a good look at Frederick! I see on my drive through to and from work that quite a few things have changed...most notable to me has been the expansion of the Carroll Creek Linear Park beyond the Delaplaine center. So pretty! Over the next several weeks I will return here with musings about all the things that seem fresh in Frederick. Most of them are probably old news to you, but they are ... read more


Making Up for a Lost Summer

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A year ago today, my adventure in getting up close and personal with Maryland hospitals began, which resulted in me missing the whole summer. This year, I’m determined to make as much of the summer as possible.

I’m going to the farmer’s markets and plan to make several visits to local pick-your-own farms and orchards (already missed the strawberries!) for my fresh produce.

The concerts in Baker Park, a few Alive at Five events and the First Saturdays are definitely on my calendar.

Maybe this year, I’ll finally get my pool pass and start swimming again--or at least having a great water-splashing time.

My plan to be a tourist in my own town is back on the agenda, and I’m eyeing the Taney House and Rose Hill Manor as a couple of my first choices.

And of course, I have to make the downtown rounds; it looks like a lot of things are changing again--Dancing Bear Toys’ new location, Little’s going-out-of-business sale (:sad face:), etc.

I wonder what else I can pack into the all-too-short summer....

Musings on March Meanderings

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As so many Frederick folks did, I took the time to walk around a little bit Downtown twice last week while the weather was so lovely.

I took in the remodeled Market Street entrance to the Linear Park on my way to the library. While the jury's still out in my mind on its aesthetics, I do admit that it's a much smoother look and more comfortable to pass through alongside other people moving back and forth through it.

The library was bustling with people, many of whom (I’m pleased to note) were checking out stacks of real books! And of course, I was among them. I even sat outside to read for a little while and it was like a hot fudge sundae for my mind and soul--deliciously relaxing and mentally decadent. Had the weather been a teensy bit warmer, that would have been the cherry on top.

As it was, however, it was perfect for walking down Patrick and Market Streets, where I peered into the windows of familiar shops and resisted the temptation to enter and purchase a thing or two (this week at least!). I also paused in front of some recently-vacated storefronts, wondering if they had closed for good or simply relocated, and in front of several new businesses, making financially morbid bets with myself about how long they will last.

When I got home, I realized that as much as I had felt at home, at the same time I felt like a visitor again. So much is still the same, but enough has changed that I really need to wander out and about some more to get reacquainted with Frederick.

Do you ever feel like a stranger in your own city? What do you do to get to know it again?

Who Even Reads this Blog?

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I always wondered who actually reads my blog. Certainly not the public relations people who flood my inbox with press releases about THIS FASCINATING PERSON! from somewhere far away (and not coming anywhere near Frederick) that is available for interviews, or about THIS BEST-SELLING BOOK! that they can send me to review, or about THIS IMPORTANT EVENT OR CAUSE that they are sure I’d be interested in writing about.

And all of these things, they say would fit right in with what I write about on my blog.

I’m sure I could write reams about any of these people, books, events, causes and issues, and I might yet for my freelance work, but none of them have any bearing on what I write about in this blog -- my own experiences and observations about living right here in the city and county of Frederick.

And the fact that very few of these PR folks send me anything even remotely related to this town of ours shows me that they aren’t really doing their job very well. “Know who you are sending your press releases to, or at least be familiar with what they cover,” is one of the principles the professors taught us (both journalism and public relations students) in journalism school. (Holla to the ‘Cuse! Lemme hear the Newhouse alumni say, “NEW!” Now say, “HOUSE!”)

Maybe their professors didn’t teach them that.

I’m not saying that I ‘m not open to hearing about things going on in our area or might have affect us here somehow, since I can’t be everywhere or see everything, but it would be nice to know that somebody in the various PR departments IS ACTUALLY READING what I write.

The rest of you, my neighbors near and far, I appreciate that you do stop by to read my somewhat still-irregular postings and occasionally even comment. I hope even after living here for several years, I’ll still find things fresh in Frederick for a while to come and share them with you.

From Our Lips to God’s Ears

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Yeah, so what I said about the weather around Christmas time...I take that back. Sorry.

I just HAD to say something about unseasonable weather. We just HAD to complain about it being too warm for winter.

Be careful what you ask for, eh? From our lips to God's ears...

It was nice to have that surprise white Christmas though, wasn't it? So pretty and festive!

But now? I'm not really enjoying this aspect of winter weather--as in this teeth-chattering, full-body shivering cold. Snow, I'm okay with, as long as it's not Snowmageddon-like.

And OMG--the wind we've been having! Not trying to feel that. Literally. I'm not trying to feel the wind chills, so I'm just staying in. Yes, I have errands to run, but guess who's not doing them? Any of them that can wait are definitely waiting. And that's pretty much all of them.

I miss sunshine and all, but not enough to venture outside to experience it along with the frigid air. Nope. I will just look out the windows.

Climate change? "They" are saying that our weather is getting more severe, summers may get hotter and winters might actually get COLDER and snowier?


I'm just going to try to be content with the weather we have now, thank you very much.

Could be worse; we could be Minnesota or New England.

Happy New Year (Resolutions)!

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So I don't usually make New Year resolutions -- at least not ones that really count.

I've resolved to not eat meat; a no-brainer for me to keep since I became vegetarian when I was 12.

I've resolved to get more exercise, but since I didn't specify what kind, I just figured the 20 minute walk downtown instead of waiting around for the bus counted.

I've even resolved to eat less fast food. Also not hard for a vegetarian--there aren't a whole lot of veggie-friendly and satisfying options around here.

This year, I think I'll try some more substantial actually planning meals and menus.

...doing actual purposeful exercise, including stretching and cardio and weights.

...getting out and about more in Frederick County, not just the city.

...making new friends.

...streamlining my stuff. (It's not really a lot, but it could use a little purging and organization.)

....aaaaaand writing a little more regularly in this blog. (That seems like an appropriate resolution.)

Good luck to you and all your resolutions!

It”s Beginning to Feel NOT Like Christmas…

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The weatherman says that over the next couple of days the weather will become cold and blustery. Oddly enough, I'm looking forward to it, not because I like winter weather--I don't (part of me is still a California kid)--but because maybe then I'll feel like Christmas is really coming.

Don't get me wrong; I have absolutely loved the mild temperatures we've been experiencing and being able to walk around to look at the holiday lights clad in a jacket has been a joy.

I'm not complaining, really, I'm not; it's just that the dissonance between the season, the weather and our typical climate in this area is a little bit disconcerting.

But then again, winter officially starts on the solstice, so technically, I suppose it's acceptable to have autumnal weather patterns until then.

Perhaps I better just shush the part of my brain that is bewildered and tell it to bask in the mildness. After all, winter will be just beginning and we'll have plenty of time for frigid temperatures and wintry weather to enjoy.

Just as long as it's not ice or four feet of snow.

Wait, wait–It”s November?

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...the time got away from me...

No, I don't know where it went...maybe the superstorm washed it away.

....the frost killed it? Along with my poor, sad tomatoes...

Didn't we JUST have Hallowe'en? I still have candy...

I know, I know; it's already almost Thanksgiving...

Whoops! I need to get the stuff. You know, the STUFF! Thanksgiving food and all..

Oh boy, can't wait to join everybody in Frederick at the grocery store in super long lines full of overflowing carts.

On second thought, I think I'm going to do my grocery shopping at 3 am.

All of it.

For the rest of the year.

That's since after Black Friday, it doesn't matter anymore; there's always the lines, because next the Christmas.

Halloween Musing

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Well the weather certainly pulled a nasty trick on us, didn’t it? And we were the lucky ones, I guess--we aren’t under water, we aren’t buried in snow, and for those of us without power, it should be back on by tonight in several days. (So they say.)

But were any of us really prepared if the storm had really done its worst in our area? Would we be able to manage for more than three days without power, let alone the weeks that New York and New Jersey are looking at?

And how many of us would have helped one another, perhaps pooling our resources to make up for what each other might have lacked?

I’ve seen images and heard stories about folks pulling together years ago when downtown flooded before the Carroll Creek project to manage the overflow. And I’ve heard that some people helped each other during the Snowmaggedon and SnOMG events...but I haven’t seen it.

I have friends in New York who, just because they still had power and water, put out Facebook invitations to their homes (tiny apartments, really) for respite and a shower to ANYONE who knew them--close friends and acquaintances alike--who didn't have those necessary luxuries.

What kind of community are we here in Frederick? Are we just looking out for number one when things get crazy or are we truly neighbors?