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1 Voice Trekking/Helping Up Mission Partnership

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1 Voice Trekking members will lead a short hike through Patapsco Valley State Park this weekend in conjunction with Helping Up Mission.  At the midpoint the group will pause for an opportunity for conversation, group therapy, and meditation.  Helping Up Mission, one of Baltimore’s oldest and largest non-profit organizations, seeks to help homeless and destitute members of our community who are also suffering from alcohol and/or drug addiction, abuse, neglect and poverty.  Helping Up Mission focuses on a holistic approach to recovery and healing that is Christ-centered.  One quote at the Helping Up website reads,

“By addressing the root causes of addiction-related homelessness, broken men can realize the abundant life intended for them, escaping Baltimore’s streets for good.”

The idea behind this partnership between Helping Up Mission and 1 Voice Trekking is to give these young men and adults the opportunity to get away from their normal urban environment, escaping Baltimore’s streets, to take them to a place where thoughts and beliefs can be explored and where physical exertion can lead to spiritual and personal growth.

Get Up, Get Out, Skate Frederick!

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Pitcrew is Frederick's local shop for everything related to skating and snowboarding.  They have been in our community for years.  Located at 207 N Market Street, Pitcrew has advocated for programs and places for our city's youths to be able to exercise and express their talent.  This weekend they continue that effort over on East Street.  Together with Volt restaurant, Pitcrew is attempting to raise money for a proper skatepark in Urbana, MD.  Come on out and see some really good talent from pro skaters and AM's alike.


For more information, visit

Tour of Washington County

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This event isn't exactly in Frederick but it's still a great opportunity to ride bicycles with like minded individuals. There will be a bike parade where people of all ages can ride their bikes together. be sure to bring a helmet! There is also a (very fast paced) race event to watch or participate in, and lots of vendors will be on hand to sell merchandise and concessions. Get Up, Get Out and Go Ride Washington County!

Put on the Brakes – Go For a Ride

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The weather is perfect, especially in the mornings and late afternoon to cruise around Frederick and the outlying country roads. Consider putting those gas guzzlers away and pulling out the good old bicycle.

You might just discover some of Frederick’s hidden gems. Baker Park is a popular destination as is Heritage Farm Park, but there are literally hundreds of parks and public outdoor spots that serve as destinations to take a break from a nice ride. The country roads of our pristine county are perfect ways to explore all that is on offer. The solitude and scenery can often lead to musings of times past and generations gone.

Don't forget to pack all the necessary items to have a safe and enjoyable ride. Helmets are a must, as are proper tools and equipment for changing flat tires. Water is always important as the heat rises, and a good blinker light, coupled with bright clothing will make motorist (those who missed a great opportunity for exercise) more aware of your presence on the road. Always remember to follow the rules of the road if you are riding in traffic!

Get Up, Get Out and Ride Frederick County!

The Ride

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The Ride

She buzzes to life on the first turn of the key.

Like music to my ears she sings to me.

I’m worried at first ‘cause its been awhile,

but I'm assured in seconds that she’s still got style.

That long sweeper off to the right

and a throttle-up to beat the light.

Thumping heavily to a rhythmic tune

She speaks to me, my heart to swoon.

All too suddenly the ride is done

and my soul, it aches for another one...

Excited & Nervous

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 On Friday 1 Voice Trekking will begin our next adventure and fund raising event.  We will be hiking 60 continuous miles on the Tuscarora Trail.  The goal is to finish in 24 hours so we won't sleep.  Starting at noon on Friday we will hike from Gore, Virginia to Hancock, Maryland.  14 hikers have banded together and committed to raising at least $500 to support The Samaritan Women Scholarship Fund .  

To say I am excited is an understatement.  I have been itching for a jaunt in the woods for some time and I am always up for a challenge.  As Friday draws near, though, I can't help but feel a bit nervous.  We plan and coordinate and try to make sure we cover all scenarios.  But being in the woods for such a long time and walking in darkness has so many challenges that the unknown has a way of creeping in.  We have dealt with adversity before and I am sure we will be fine.  We have a support team that is following us in case we need assistance.  Still, there is always the thought in the back of your head that someone could get seriously injured.  

A big thanks goes out to all those who have and continue to support us either through spreading the word or giving selflessly.  You are always with us when we're out there.

Wish us luck!  Drop us a line over at the website and consider a donation.  Even a single $1 goes a long way to helping someone get their life back on track, following tradgedy.


Fitness/Wellness Blog – 1 Voice Trekking

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We've added a fitness blog section to our website with tips on keeping fit and healthy before/during/after hiking and trekking events.  These simple tips apply to all kinds of fitness and lead to a more healthy lifestyle.  Check it out at

Thanks to for this submittal.  Timothy is an Integral Wellness Coach/Consultant With a Master’s degree, post graduate studies, and over 4 years experience in health and personal training.  Timothy brings scientifically supported, clinically proven methods to his approach to wellness.  His integrative program incorporates nutrition, physical fitness, stress management, and other lifestyle factors to comprehensively guide his clients to lasting wellness and greater vitality.

Don't forget that we have a big event in March to raise awareness and funding for The Samaritan Woman Scholarship .   This fund seeks to reduce the financial barrier that women in recovery from human trafficking have to realizing their academic goals:

Please consider a donation or support by spreading the word.  












Washed In Nature

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The trees are signaling to me that something is going on.  Their arms flailing around incessantly make them hard to ignore.  Something violent and powerful is in the air.  Something approaches that I want to experience from the safety of my windowed room.  An overcast afternoon quickly shifts, now encroaching and lingering overhead with bad intentions.  As I peer out at the waving branches and sense the howling wind suddenly a torrent of rain crashes to the ground.  The sky is black with anger and the onslaught of precipitation crashes to Earth in a  million-billion cries.  Like a shroud these bullets hail down and obscure the view.  I rush to the window to get a better look and am awed by the immense power and the fantastical show that I am audience to.  The blowing of wind is now seen in the shifting of rain from right to left, back and forth.  The two performing a lively dance as one guides and leads the other.  The street is littered with wet and the Earth oozes refreshment.  

Now as the torrent slows to a halt, I open my window and a gush of air, new and fresh, knocks me back and engulfs my senses.  I’m bathed in a rush of feeling and smelling.  I can taste the Earth in the winds.  I can see the colors that are created from it.  My skin tingles at the brisk chill in the air.  It’s awesome and invigorating.  As the Earth is refreshed and replenished, so to am I renewed with this attack on my senses.  I am washed in Nature...


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A confectionery dusting outside my window.

An angelic precipitation of fluffy snow.

Dancing and darting among themselves,

Flakes of Lovely ring out like bells.

Not loud or clanging metal chimes,

But whispers of delicate winter times.

This rush of whispery wonderful white,

It blankets the Earth, to my delight.

Enchanted by the falling of these feathers of ice,

I’m lost in the wonderland as they entice.

Drawn to the beauty of Nature’s storm.

Covered in the blanket that they form.

Wisped away to a fantasy

By a crust of ice, how can it be?

60 Miles – 24 Hours – 1 Voice

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 We are in the beginning phases of our next project at 1 Voice Trekking.   We've nailed down a distance and a time that we think is legitimate (doable) but also challenging.  We are still trying to nail down a beneficiary for this event.  I'm challeng ing all of you to participate in our cause by doing one, or more, of several things: 1. Consider a donation to our cause - 2.  Consider hiking with us or with your own group (we can help with logistics).  But make sure you take yourself beyond your level of comfort.  It really is the only way to discover what you are willing to do for what you believe in. 3.  Share this post publicly and with your circles and follow 1  Voice Trekking on Google Plus .  We also have a facebook page at: and Twitter: 4.  Submit your idea for a beneficiary of the funds that we raise to our website or any of the scial media sites mentioned .   5.  Be a voice in your community for awareness for abused/neglected/underprivileged children. We Challenge You To Make A Difference