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Defining “Childhood Ruined”

by Hannah Rudow. 0 Comments

“Childhood Ruined” isn’t one particular meme, but it is used as a term throughout the Internet referring to something that somehow sullies innocent childhood assumptions about the show or movie being referenced, which are usually children’s TV shows or movies, or Anime, normally from the 1980’s-present but also from older Disney movies. The phrase has been going around a lot in the past few years, but it seems to be enjoying a surge of popularity lately. An animated short (not appropriate ... read more


There’s a “My Girl” video game …

by Michael Hunley. 0 Comments

... and it will crush your soul. If you're a Millennial or a lover of all things Richard Masur (and who isn't!?), then you're most likely familiar with the popular 1991 dramedy "My Girl," about a young girl's coming of age in the early '70s. It was a breakthrough performance for actress Anna Chlumsky (currently co-starring in the hilarious HBO comedy "Veep") and the first big film project for Macaulay Culkin after the success of "Home Alone." "My Girl" also featured — SPOILER ALERT — one ... read more