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But seriously, you need to be watching “Orphan Black”

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Canadian television is an odd topic to discuss, if only because there's not a lot to discuss. Even its Wikipedia page is like, "Meh, we generally just air a lot of American imports." Which isn't to say it's not worthy of discussion. There's been a number of influential programs to be produced by our friends to the North, from beloved sketch shows ("SCTV" and "The Kids in the Hall") and cult hits ("Trailer Park Boys" and "Slings and Arrows") to children's shows imported to America when I was a ... read more


Nerd Alert! Top 5 Geekiest News of the Week

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It's been a big week for fans of cult TV and movies — you know, that small but loyal crowd who obsess over every facet of their favorite series or film in order to better understand and ... oh, it's nerds, OK! I'm talking about NERDS! Not that I'm insulting them, mind you: I consider myself a major "Simpsons" geek, one who has watched certain episodes more times than is healthy. So, who am I to judge?! And this week has been particularly dorky. From the recent recasting of one of the most popular ... read more