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The Power of Strong Photography

by Adrienne Erin. 0 Comments

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. That holds true for social media marketing today. Articles that contain an image gain, on average, over 70 percent more views than articles without images. That means your posts with photos go much further than those without. It sounds too easy to just throw a picture in with your content. So, what’s the catch? Stock photos all look the same. Sure, they’re effortlessly beautiful, but they lack the personalization that comes from original ... read more


Civil War Selfies?

by Lori Eggleston. 0 Comments

People who lived during the time of the Civil War may not have had cell phones and digital cameras, but they still had photographs taken of themselves.  The most popular images were not called selfies, but carte de visites (CDVs).  These were small albumen prints which were mounted on cards measuring about 2 1/2 inches by 4 inches.  They were easy to make, inexpensive, and easy to mail.  Soldiers had CDVs taken to send back home to their families and friends, wives sent CDVs of themselves or ... read more


Life Through My Lens: Rethinking Your Artwork

by Cam Miller. 0 Comments

Every time I pick up a show from a gallery, I have to haul all the unsold framed pieces back to the basement and decide what to do with them.  Fortunately, for the show just finished, sales were good.  At least seven framed pieces sold off the wall, but I still had 21 pieces to bring back home. What to do with them all? As an artist who attempts to sell her work, I often hear people say that they just don't have room on their walls.  And especially in my house, that's very true.  I have tried ... read more