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Going Viral: It’s All in a Name

by Adrienne Erin. 0 Comments

Content that you are publishing must be interesting and authentic to even have a chance of being considered share-worthy. But in today’s competitive SEO focused internet market, that isn’t what’s going to make your post go viral. So what is? What could possibly be more important than solid yet catchy content? The title. That’s right. If you truly want that polished content your company spent quality time producing to make its rounds and go viral, then the name or title of your post ... read more


Viral for the sake of Product Placement: Ellen at the Oscars with the Selfie

by Hannah Rudow. 0 Comments

The title of this post reads like the murder answer in a game of Clue and as such I intend to explain how this marketing/PR trick was so successful for Samsung. I didn’t watch the Oscars, I never do, but I was surprised how many photos of celebs walking the carpet that I came across just by being logged into Facebook. The most notable was the selfie taken by Bradley Cooper at the urging of Ellen Degeneres which shows both of them surrounded by other Celebs like Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep and ... read more